Cup Match Report:
Lion FC v Shipham AFC


Cup Round 1


Lion FC


Shipham AFC


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Shipham AFC Report:

" A bit of an embarrassing first outing of the season to be honest. The first half ended 4:0 which wasn't too bad but as the tired legs took their toll, our penalty area looked more like picnic site as Lion could have easily rolled out a few blankets and had a cuppa before we got anywhere near tackling them. The shame was rubbed in properly when our only goal was scored by a player lent to us by the opposition as we had only managed to muster 10 men for the trip. A game we will quickly forget but fair play to Lion for having a laugh and good luck to them in the next round. Onwards to our first league match against a new team who beat a 1st division team 6:2 in the cup. I would say things can only get better, but....."