Cup Match Report:
Rapid Viagra v Golden Hill


Cup Round 2


Rapid Viagra


Golden Hill


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Match Reports

Rapid Viagra Report;

"One of the worst casuals league games we have been involved in in the 6 years we have been in existence. Golden Hill clearly brought a number of ringers in who had no idea of the competition they were playing in. Evident as few of them knew each other names. Several threats of violence and offers to us to accompany players of theirs off the pitch during the game. Very abusive towards the lad who was doing us a favour and reffing as the official booked had a short notice issue. Shout of the day was you don't know f*#@ing anything about football towards him. As a professional footballer he kind of does but that summed up the mentality of some of the opposition. On a positive note we won 4-2 through Jimmy Potts (2), Gavin Ellington and Will Osborne. Funny thing was as a game of football it was nowhere near as competitive as a normal division 1 game, I've honestly never been involved in anything like it in football. "

Golden Hill Report:

" I don’t normally write a match report as most games pass without incident and are all played at the Corinthian spirit and are enjoyable for everyone involved. But I thought I should add a comment over this game. It was the most aggressive game ive played in whilst in the Vets league – I was used to these games years ago when I played football in the local leagues but was surprised at this behaviour in this league. The tackles were flying in the from the beginning and im surprised no one was seriously injured – i say nobody got injured we have someone who will be out for quite some time as he got one of the nastiest elbows to the ribs ive ever seen in the 20 + years ive been playing competitive football.. The ref was a young lad to be fair and didn’t give much but we cant blame him for that as he probably didn’t want the grief from any of their players. The major talking point was a disagreement on the center circle which was just about calmed down before one of their players ran the length of the pitch to shout at one of our players and ask to come off the pitch and have a fight with him on the side line – we were speechless as were some their own players who looked completely embarrassed by it all. We also had a 14 year old playing with his Dad and after this incident didnt really want to continue playing which was a shame. Anyway, we lost the game 4-2 which was deserved as they were a good footballing side but it was everything else which came with it which left a massively sour taste. hopefully we don't come up against them again anytime soon. "