Cup Match Report:
Retainers FC v Cilycoed & Undy Celts


Cup Round 2


Retainers FC


Cilycoed & Undy Celts


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No Match report submitted by Retainers FC

Cilycoed & Undy Celts Report:

" the gam started in a frantic fashion, with retainers having the majority of possession. But it was cilycoed & Undy Celts that took the lead against the run of play. with a great run to the byline the ball was cut back and bundled home. Not long after though the scores were all level, when the ball found its way through to the middle of the cilycoed & Undy box where the unmarked forward equalised and honestly they deserved it. minutes later Cilycoed and Undy were back in front with a worldy. It was soon 3-1 a penalty was then harshly awarded for handball and the retainers despatched the spotkick with power and precision. the second half got underway and retainers started well, however five minutes into it and cilycoed and Undy started to take control, the passing was quick and efficient. But it was retainers that struck first, they got an equaliser against the run of play. That was the kick that Cilycoed and Undy required, next attack and Cilycoed and Undy were 4-3 infront the last twenty minutes of the game left cilycoed and Undy pressed and pressed and were rewarded with there 5th,6th,7th and 8th goals. retainers played until the end but unfortunately appeared to run out of steam. the score line did flatter cilycoed & Undy as the game was closer than that."