Match Report
Wick Gerry Hatricks v Easton Monday


League Division 1


Wick Gerry Hatricks


Easton Monday


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Match Reports

Wick Gerry Hatricks Report;

"In a highly competitive first half with both sides creating chances, it was Scott Young who broke the deadlock with 5 mins remaining with a side foot finish from just outside the six yard area. Wick came out of the blocks flying in the second half and after 7 minutes were three nil up. Wick took control of the fixture playing some great passing football with Easton Monday rarely getting into the Wick half and testing Matt Crane in goal. Wick second goalscorers were Martin Webb x4, Mark Summers x2 and one more from Scott Young. MOM went to Ross Neads, who created a number of chances and ran his heart out. Game was played with great spirit. Good luck to Easton Monday for the rest of the season. "

Easton Monday Report:

" The morning got off to an inauspicious start when, having eventually tracked down the pitch, the team all packed into a small cupboard (changing room) and got out onto the pitch to find no one had bought balls!! At least a few token stretches were attempted!! As the team warmed up some of the 45-55 year olds spotted a few faces from the halcyon days of yore who were lining up for some over-45s action…and reflected whether their time had come to join that league. The pitch was big and perfect conditions to play good football. The Monday had been hit by a couple of late withdrawals and the centre-midfield duo were nowhere to be seen with the game about to start. Eventually Iniesta rocked up in his kit, but Modric had got tangled in the lanes of west Bristol and was still trying to escape his too-tight jeans on the sideline as the game started. The makeshift forward line was a bit hampered by not being able to head the ball (Suarez – split head) or run all that fast (Scholes – just back from injury and out of position). The Wick 11 were all good ball players, they passed it around and used the space well. (One of them said afterwards that it's basically their game plan to tire the opposition out...they did). Central defender Harry Maguire noted early on that…"First half we had to work our socks off as a team against a very strong, skillfull and committed opposition . Every one of them was good on the ball and knew their role in the team." The Monday plan to release Stanley Matthews up the right wing worked well for 20 mins, but didn’t make anything of it except a powder-puff shot from Charlton. Wick figured out what was happening and shored it up. Suarez got clean through a couple of times. He dinked the first one over the keeper but it rolled teasingly past the post (I think some premature cheers were heard from the defence). The keeper took him wide on the second, after a lovely through ball from Maguire. Wick looked especially dangerous down the right and put in a lot of crosses that the Monday centre backs soaked up well. It was hard work though, and the Blues got a bit sloppy. In his post match interview from the treatment table (suffering exhaustion), Winger Stan Matthews commented..."Towards end of the half it felt they had figured us out and started playing some neat football. We kept on pressing but they found it easier and easier to play out from the back and began to create the spaces for their midfield." ​ A couple of missed passes and the resulting Wick attack sprung the offside trap and was finished well from a deflected cross to go one up at half time. Still Wick knew they were in a game. The Monday rotated the team at half time with Pearce replacing Milner at left back and Beckenbauer coming on for Scholes up front. Wick obviously made some tactical changes too, switching the focus of their attack. They headed straight to the left wing from the kickoff and crossed to the back post. Their centre-forward missed by a whisker, but it was a sign of things to come. The Monday half time team talk had been to keep it tight first 10 and try and keep the ball longer as they were likely to run out of legs. However, they did exactly the opposite and got 3 times within the first 10 mins or so as weary legs gave way against the incessant attacks. Not sure what happened next, it was a bit groundhog day and the goals started clocking up. The Monday tried to keep thier heads up but were low on gas from chasing so much in the first half, so the defence was exposed to a couple of really hard-running forwards. Wick are a very good team and knew what they were doing and were well up for it. They pressed from front to back and the Monday started missing simple passes due to being simply knackered. Monday didn’t get anywhere near the Wick goal in the second half. ​ The rotation continued as legs turned to jelly with Scholes going from centre forward to left back. Matthews had a go on both wings. Charlton played in the centre, then left, then right and back to centre. Modric was shunted out to the right for a bit. Becknebauer started left mid, then was full back (?) then up front (which didn’t work at all). Ramos started left back ended up centre back. ​ Full back Sergio Ramos commented after the game that…” They were the best and most organised football team that I have I played against since joining the Monday. The second half just felt like an onslaught of attacks for 45mins. They taught us a football lesson which we can now use to help us in the next game on Sunday!" Whilst squeezing back into his skinny jeans Midfield dynamo Modric said..."Yeah that was a tough game! Thought we didn't do too badly in the first half, we had to put a lot of effort in to keep it to 1-0 and could have gone in level at half time. All that chasing was going to catch up with us eventually though and the less said about the second half the better!” ​ Joint player manager Maldini commented..."No lack of effort today as always, they were just a quality team. We will be fitter for the 90 mins. Let’s show we have character and bounce back next week in the cup." Striker Suarez, playing with a dozen stiches in his forehead summed it up succinctly…"they will win the league.” In his post match interview, joint player manager Charlton stated "We lost to a top team today We gave them a good battle in the first half but they know how to play on that nice big pitch don’t they? I’m sure it got bigger as the match went on, everyone worked really hard to the end and played in good spirit." ​ ​ MOM (Joint) Iniesta/Ramos"