Match Report
PaS Masters v LB Vets


League Division 1


PaS Masters


LB Vets


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Match Reports

PaS Masters Report;

"Great game played on a damp Sunday on a drenched, heavy under foot Hallen grass pitch. The weekend started with 11 confirmed players, but after several last minute drop outs 1 at 5.30pm on Saturday and another at 8am Sunday, we were very lucky to claw to an even 11 a side with two players most of us had never met before, Lloydie 55 and Birdy 30, I did explain to LB before the game that Birdy was 30 which they were fine with, which was good. We also had no recognised keeper so I stepped up as a centre forward between the sticks. To be fair to us from the 9 players I knew, we did have 9 very good players and a rock solid defence with Dan, Mark and Shane, it also turned out Lloydie at 55 still has some serious skills. LB Vets bought 13 for the game and had a strong side in attendance, which seemed a forbidding sign for the game. First half, great competitive game, real end to end stuff where LB constantly tried and failed to play through their 2 CF’s, they actually seemed to be playing 3 in a serious attacking role, but the PAS defence was more than up to the job of holding them at bay and I was lucky to have only made a couple of soft saves and a clearance from a corner. Second half, Simo, playing out of his skin in midfield and scored from a header, which was wiped in with wicked accuracy, PAS go 1-0 up. 5 minutes later the LB player down their left got through into the box and went down under a tackle from Shane, the Ref gave the penalty their player who was attacking down the right hammered it into the left corner and I didn’t even move, great penalty, not sure whether it was a penalty in the first place, but that's life. There were plenty of other chances in the game at both ends but both defences played well and the only one of note was an LB attack by their player on the right who went past Lloydie, but his shot was blocked 1-1 with the keeper. This was an excellent game of football, both sides played extremely well and at the end we all had a beer, which is how the league should be. Good luck to LB in the league, see you next season. MOTM, I cant split it, I think the team as a whole played great. "

LB Vets Report:

" Tough evenly matched game played on a very sticky and bobbly pitch. Both sides played decent football in the first half until the ball reached the penalty boxes and then it all went to pot, clearly the pitch didn't help. Goalless first half but PAS took the lead early in the second when the smallest guy on the pitch leapt like a (tin of) salmon to head home from a yard out, connecting with a corner from the right. We were back level shortly after when Craig was brought down in the box, definite pen although not sure about the swallow dive with triple tuck!Both sides tried to play football although not too many clear cut chances created. Hookie wriggled through a couple of challenges and was one-on-one with the(non) keeper but hit it straight at him - doh. To be fair both defences were solid, their tall bald guy at the back was deceptively quick and marshalled our forwards well. Gouldie and Co were solid at our end with both keepers only having to make a couple of routine saves. Finished 1-1 which overall was a fiar result. PAS are a good bunch of lads and game was an example of how a vets game should be, hard but fair. Good luck for the rest of the season boys."