Match Report
Filton High Vets v Swift FC


League Division 5


Filton High Vets


Swift FC


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Match Reports

Filton High Vets Report;

"On a cold breezy morning , Filton quickly got into a 2-0 lead with 2 great finishes from Paddy , one was from a great assist from the Filton keeper , a 100 yard punt that found paddy clean through to stroke the ball home . Closest swift came to scoring was a long range shot that was tipped onto the post by the Filton keeper . Second half was similar to the first with lots of possession from Filton and another goal from Hiscox made the score line 3-0. A penalty was struck against the post to prevent paddy getting his hat rick. Played in a good spirit. "

Swift FC Report:

" See Filton report but add the calamatous miss from the penalty rebound!"