Match Report
Swift FC v Lyde Green Veterans


League Division 5


Swift FC


Lyde Green Veterans


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Match Reports

Swift FC Report;

"Excellent match in which Swift got half way towards grabbing a surprise draw but a fair score in the end. Good luck Lyde on your journey up the divisions."

Lyde Green Veterans Report:

" Lyde Green Vets 3-0 Swifts Vets Our first season as a club came to a close today on the very same pitch it all started on back in pre-season, and like that first fixture we again came away with the victory Looking at the league table and knowing that most of the opposition players were over 45s, it was easy to think we were going to stroll this one but that certainly wasn’t the case. It’s fair to say we had a lot of possession over the 90 minutes and I lost count of the amount of corners we had, but you have to give the Swifts credit as they defended well and got their bodies in front of everything with their keeper also pulling off 3 or 4 great saves in the first half alone The breakthrough came early in the second half with Mike slotting home on the angle, then going on to bag his 2nd a little later with a similar effort before the game was finally killed off when big Jon smashed in a 3rd from close range But as well as the glory hunters bagging the goals, everyone did their bit and deserves some credit With Mike showing off upfront we needed a replacement keeper and Colin bravely stepped forward to take it on. He didn’t have an awful lot to do but you can’t ask for more than a clean-sheet and he even managed to not take anyone out, even when a rush of blood saw him chase their striker out to the corner flag to shouts of ‘Don’t take him down!’ coming from at least 3 or 4 of us. Chris worked hard on the right, he has to really playing behind Yan and Jordan and covering up Nathan’s mistakes, and has rightly been nominated by some of his teammates for MOTM. He won’t be getting it though as I’ll be giving that to me And I was only joking about Chris clearing up Nathan’s mistakes… that was actually me and Colin but no need to mention that I suppose. Some great headers in the middle of the park from their goal kicks today Nathan and nobody got past you this week which makes a change. The gaffer was solid but like Tokes he needs to work on his throw-ins, throwing one straight at my arm and giving away a free kick. Terrible. And, after forcing me to play even though my leg has felt like it was going to fall off for the last few days he played me a proper sally side-foot hospital ball forcing me into an early tackle I didn’t need. And while I remember, Nathan, thanks for doing the same in the second half, just what I wanted. Although, my desperate lunge saw the ball land at the feet of Carter in the midfield, who by luck is also our best ball player and a cracking pass up field to Mike resulted in the 2nd goal Yan, quality stuff again mate. Your football skills are sound but you need to work on your English Me – Been up too much mate? Yan – (nervous laugh) What’s much? Gaffer – Yan, I’m gonna give Jordan a run out mate Yan – (nervous laugh) I don’t understand Gaffer – You’re coming off mate Also, when you run the line you’re meant to be on our left back, not theirs Carter might be the best ball player at the club but he can’t finish for shit. Should have been 1 up early after cutting though the defence but the finish was a gentle pass-back to the keeper rather than a rocket into the bottom corner. Outstanding encouragement from him as well this week. He might be a bit mouthy but you can’t knock him for leading by example. I especially liked his shouts of ‘Keep the ball down!’ and then sent 2 free kicks flying over the bar, and then ‘Play it simple!’ and play 2 cross-field balls straight out for throw-ins just to demonstrate how it shouldn’t be done. Leader. Tired off towards the end but carrying Dan around for 80 minutes must have been tough Best ball player in the team Dan was pushed into midfield today because he’s the best ball player in the team. Did alright to be fair. Well, he did alright from what I could see but he was so far up the field most of the time I didn’t always get a good look at what he was doing. Was a good job best ball player in the team Carter was doing all his running really, or was it the other way around? Hard to tell sometimes when they were both so far up the field. Good work, but you’re no Wayne in front of goal. That shot that skimmed the corner flag and ended up by the clubhouse was incredible in a bad way. Thought the final 10 were your best Martin saw a lot of the ball today and put plenty of crosses over… over the bar, over everyone’s heads, over the fence etc. Plenty of shots as well being fired in… in the farmer’s field, in the side netting etc. Plenty of running though, up and down as usual from the oppositions goal line to the halfway line. Top work rate One touch Jordan took more than one touch on a few occasion today. Got some balls in the box and helped out at the back, encouraged along the way by Captain Carter with shouts of ‘Jordan what the fuck are you doing’ keeping confidence high Jon, great goal today being in the right place at the right time. Great support as well mate. Not from you so much but from the family, they’re like our Ultras. Every week home and away Mike, hitting the spot not for the first time on Fry’s pitch 2 this year. Talking of spots, Pellowe reminded me again last night you missed one if you can get back over his and lug that heavy piece of kit back up the stairs again Other noted incidents - - Wayne tripped over the water bottles. I haven’t mentioned him above because this was as good as it got - Pellowe tells me he nutmeged 3 players. I didn’t see any of them so probably making it up - Mike was nutmeged twice (more believable) - Dan and Lee are taking up Softball - Chris was later than Dan - Carter has been bullying an old lady - Dan smashed the ball in someone’s face on purpose - Was agreed that Doughtz is no longer needed - Shower avoidance fines for – Colin, Jon and Martin - Big thanks to Mike for organising my whip-round in the bar - Best ball player at the club Carter bought us all some cans of beer. Nice one - Jordan is setting up LG summers Skittles team - Wayne is hosting the LGV summer BBQ - Martin might have scored the 3rd MOTM – Lee Looks likely we will finish 3rd this year, a great effort for our first season. Well done everyone. Enjoy the summer"