Match Report
Shipham AFC v Frampton Athletic Vets


League Division 5


Shipham AFC


Frampton Athletic Vets


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Match Reports

Shipham AFC Report;

"A very enjoyable game with the lads giving their all for the full 90 minutes. We were pretty steady throughout and didn't fade away like usual. That said, Frampton were the better and younger side. They had the luck of a couple of jammy goals too - not that they needed them. A good game of Casuals footy followed by a few beers and a bit of grub at our sponsors The Cider Shed. Good luck to Frampton in a higher division next season."

Frampton Athletic Vets Report:

" Great attitude to the Casuals ethos shown by Shipham both during and after the game. Scoreline somewhat irrelevant, but a thoroughly enjoyable game to play in! Fair play to Shipham...and I'll be returning to the Cider Shed ASAP!!!"