Match Report
Chew Magna 45's v HC Voyager FC


League Division 6


Chew Magna 45's


HC Voyager FC


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Match Reports

Chew Magna 45's Report;

"This was certainly an old fashioned affair like those games you see to see on the big match in the 70s. But good fun and great spirit throughout. Chew got out of the blocks quickly and were soon opening up the Voyager defence with first Moran scoring who was a powerhouse in midfield and thenLewis to make it 2-0. Smith added a third after a great team build up. Voyager pulled one back with a scrambled goal just before half time. The second half became a scramble as the rain came down and midfield became a bog. Moran scored a second, followed by a curved shot/cross into the top corner by Allen made it 5-1. Voyager didn't give up and a second was bundled in before the 3rd goal was it wan't incident. A long well taken voyager free kick dipped towards the goal, Chew Keeper Keen who had been outstanding let the ball go over his head, a wicked dip and did it go just under the bar or just over. It was certainly outside of the net at the back of the goal. There was a debate.Referee said no go goal. Game ended on a friendly note and all was resolved amicably in the pub over chips and sausages with a B.A.R. (Bar After-match Review) where Chew agree to give the goal to Vovager. Great fun game"

HC Voyager FC Report:

" Although we lost it was a thoroughly enjoyable game to be part of. We are all old enough to remember those games in the 70's where they were mud fests and the ball just simply stopped when trying to dribble, we that was today. Despite that, the occasional good passage of play was had by both teams but Chew put their chances away and we didn't. That said the ever dependable Marcuse scored and the soon to be ever dependable Swifty scored (now two in two games) and yours truly which for some reason was not allowed during the game but VAR came to my rescue in the pub and the payment of pitch fee money.Make of that what you will. Always a pleasure to play Chew and we look forward to our over 50's encounter "