Match Report
Cardiff Accies 45's v Russell Athletic


League Division 7


Cardiff Accies 45's


Russell Athletic


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Match Reports

Cardiff Accies 45's Report;

"really good match , disappointed to lose but Russell took their chances well . Always a pleasure to play Russell Ath"

Russell Athletic Report:

" Minutes silence observed for those fine men and women that gave their tomorrow for our today. It was a hard fought game neither team giving much away. The game itself went by very quickly . I decided to use the team on a piece of paper technique and have a private word with each key player, after talking to Kevin and the Richards D&W. I explained to the mid-field I wanted a diamond with tyrannosaurus arms formation/shape. They got it instantly! This team knows its prehistoric reptiles, it’s in the genes. Early on Russell got off to a good start. TonyW shooting a weaker shot than has been traditional for Tony but he’s got power issues at the moment (its an age thing). Anyway the keeper couldn’t contain this weakened shot and spilt the ball in the confusion and melee with his own defender. Hilly managed to poke it in thankfully in the right place at close range (someone said 3 inches, I couldn’t tell from where I was). Accies came back with a fairly quick equaliser. And then a bit later got another. For parts of the game its seemed we were under a lot of pressure and then it would swing and we would be applying similar determination at Accies end. Eventually Kev put a lovely weighted ball through to Hilly beating the off-side trap and Hilly manged to stay on both feet to slot the ball into the right bottom corner. The score was 2-2 at half-time. I had said earlier I felt we could win this game, and I have never felt that coming over the bridge before. Having Kev and RichD gave us great solidity in the central areas of the pitch when defending. Having said that…. The second half we could have lost it a couple of times but Gan played another blinder in goal with some great keepering, we had a star jump and a Michael Jackson thriller move. They just don’t teach that stuff, although Mr David James MBE gave it a go on Strictly just recently – but not as good I’m afraid Mr James MBE, back to Devon you go. The younger Accies keeper didn’t want to be out-done and pulled off some outstanding saves his-self. In that second half we had Ant, DW2, Martin, Nick, Tony, Rich C, Kev and myself all have frighteningly close shots with some needing to be saved. This is great, this team has so many potential scoring possibilities. The winning goal came from DW2 (Dave Williams 2) putting in one of his trademark corners which almost went in by itself, however on this occasion Kev needed to be there to tap it in at the back post, 3-2. I think there was 10 mins left to go and although Accies did try to hit back, it seemed Russell’s fitness kept the pressure at Accies end and prevented yet another comeback. A draw would have been equally fair tbh. "