Match Report
Russell Athletic v St Brendans OB RFC


League Division 7


Russell Athletic


St Brendans OB RFC


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Match Reports

Russell Athletic Report;

"Another crazy game but fun all the same. A bit of a roller coaster. As Rich said at one or two points in the game we really like to make it difficult for ourselves. As mentioned below, St Brens were 4-1 up in the first half. Normally your head might drop but Russell as a collective didn’t believe we were going to lose. Stoic, yes a word not used so much in a world of snowflakes, unicorns, binary theys and pansexuals. There was stoicismsism and cold determination in fluffy bunny oodles. Yes Russell were about to invoke the Churchill parallax (it’s a thing that makes me write a lot of verbal diarrhoea here). We will never yield, we will never give up (until we get home and the beeches tell us put our stinky socks & boots outside). We will never surrender (unless some-one is offended by that of course). We will have our finest hour in 45 minutes and no added time. The first goal was a freak and demonstrated the conditions of the pitch and weather. St Brens goalie scoring from a kick in hand from his area which bounced and wind assisted cleared Gan but dipped under the bar. Their second goal was well worked beating our stationary off-side trap somehow, boots were stuck in the ground on that one. Russell had chances at the other end but Martin was pretty fed up with winning the most goals scored for about 3 years now, so he gallantly missed a pretty ordinary knock-in. In fact where St Brens seemed to be calmly passing through our defence to get another 2 goals we seemed unable to make the right decisions. Hilly made amends with a well worked goal with Dean. Second half and the stiff upper lip heroics, by jingo* Tony got 2 assists, whereby pulling the defender and keeper to him and passing off to Dean who slotted it in, another was a lovely weighted cross where Kev timed it just right to slot in another. Kev scored the 5th goal with a superb shot from the edge of the area which the goalie could not reach. Dean got another 2 goals of which the third was a classy glancing header from a cross which had the goalie grasping for the air above his head. St Brens got the last and our 7th goal (OG). Hilly is claiming it ! *gender classification used commonly in the early 20th century – group of battle hardoned men who go for it but not in sexual way cos dancing and rolling around in the mud and shouting at a deaf and blind bloke in a black outfit who ghost-like moves mysteriously through the throng and randomly whistles for his dog, couldn’t be considered sexual. "

St Brendans OB RFC Report:

" Despite having a bare 11 we raced into a 4 -1 lead by half time with goals from Andy Mc, Barry, Steve and Dave playing uphill with the wind behind us. Russell turned the tables second half and playing in to the wind we couldn't get out of our half and were punished by the size and quality of their squad"