Match Report
Russell Athletic v Shipham AFC


League Division 7


Russell Athletic


Shipham AFC


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Match Reports

Russell Athletic Report;

"Dave (new) volunteered in goal and shepherded the defense well but the first half was very much a struggle for dominance. A one-off worldie seperated the teams at half-time (it was like MOTD goal of the month - Sturridge). Second half nothing happened at all, well that i remember anyway. .... OK a few more goals were scored. They weren't very good though. 2 from Hilly, 2 from Wilner, Martin, RichieD, and Micky. After the third goal Shipham stopped running - they only had the 11 players (no subs - we know how that doesnt work very well from last week at Wick). Yes, yes, OK, Hillys goal sort of looked good, imagine Aaron Ramsey back heel (last week), it trickled into the goal, if he had done pretty much anything else it wouldnt have gone in. Both teams joked throughout. No-one hassled the Ref. It was played in good spirits in pretty lousy weather. We look forward to playing Shipham at their gaff. "

Shipham AFC Report:

" I missed this one due to an overindulgence the night before and took some well deserved stick for doing so. We could have done with a sub or two to make the difference. 1:0 down at half time was a very creditable performance in constant rain. A second half where a couple of quick goals took their toll on motivation and a lack of subs didn't help the tiring legs. Recruiting drive and staying off the alcohol now on the agenda. Ok, well recruitment drive at least. "