Match Report
Axbridge Saxons 45's v Russell Athletic


League Division 7


Axbridge Saxons 45's


Russell Athletic


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Match Reports

Axbridge Saxons 45's Report;

"Certainly a game of 2 half as Russell after some good play and calamitousdefending raced into a 6-0 half time lead. Saxons rallied and showed real fighting spirit to score 6 second half goals but also to concede another 2 as they pressed for an equaliser. Great spirit and sportsmanship. A great refection on the ethos of the league."

Russell Athletic Report:

" First half from Russell was one of the best, one of our players said he had seen us play. It was free flowing , short passes through the middle and down the wings . Defensively it was easy to play out from defense thus giving time and space. Gan had very little to do in goal. Rich was strong in the back and we dominated pretty much all areas of play. 6-0 at half-time. Second half, complete reverse. Axbridge strengthened their midfield and started to play with more urgency and belief. And Russell forgot how to pass the ball to some-one in the same team and took too many risks.. The warning signs at 6-4 finally woke up some urgency and concentration. Plus now our keeper was injured and we reverted to our more steady back line. - 2 more goals from each team gave us the obsurd 8-6 final score. Fun game - not a harsh word from either team - I think even the Ref enjoyed it... "