Match Report
Shipham AFC v Russell Athletic


League Division 7


Shipham AFC


Russell Athletic


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Match Reports

Shipham AFC Report;

"Entertaining match played in very blustery conditions on Shipham's slope. Always interesting kicking downhill when the ball comes back at you! This was a really close game for the most part with the teams evenly matched. Two well taken goals by Russell were countered by a good shot and a quick reaction to a mistake at a corner by Shipham. Then another good finish and a gift from Shipham's goalie split the teams at the end. Good show from Russell at The Cider Shed after the match."

Russell Athletic Report:

" Fun game. Shipham had the wind machine doing a right old job on peoples abilities to make contact with the ball. It’s just undignified when jumping for a header (on your own, no-one around) and it looks like a spot the ball picture. I can see a special award at the End of Season ceremonies. It was a touch and go game Shipham went ahead, Rich got one back, well slotted shot. Ken then got a second, first goal for him since the millennium, un-characteristically he stayed on his feet and managed to keep the ball below 20m. Shipham came back with a second and the game was in the balance. From nowhere Andy legged it up the right wing and crossed it in, then leapt lemming-like, the ginga ninja, the light reflector, the ghost with the most... 2-3 to Russell. After that the slowest tap in you are ever likely to see, apparently…. Love the cheese and pork pie at The Cider Shed, and the cider of course. "