Match Report
Shipham AFC v Bryan Munich


League Division 8


Shipham AFC


Bryan Munich


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Match Reports

Shipham AFC Report;

"The scoreline was a bit flattering in the end - but we always seem to try to convince ourselves by saying that! Our plan of playing out from the back didn't quite go to plan and a few sloppy goals made the difference. Still, a pleasant day for a good, Corinthian game of footy."

Bryan Munich Report:

" Shipham's excellent natural drainage meant that the game was on. Kicking downhill in the first half, Bryan struggled to get any rhythm but eventually managed to break through. Playing in an unusual green kit rescued from Sprayer's loft which smelt strongly of, well Sprayers loft, Bryan went into half time 3 goals to the good. An actual squad meant there were changes and Bryan withheld the expected onslaught even missing a penalty to win 5-1. Fine Sunday morning game played in good spirit. "