Match Report
Rapid Dementia v Swift FC


League Division 8


Rapid Dementia


Swift FC


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Match Reports

Rapid Dementia Report;

"Michael and Catherine Zeta popped over for Christmas this year and were keen to hear about Rapids upcoming fixture against FC Swift. The 'Basic Instinct' involves a lot of 'Running' I told them, but promised a full report of the match for them to read once they were back in LA. Manager Gregory was happy to have his 'Wonder Boys' back together after the Xmas break and once 'Solitary Man' James Henton finally arrived full 'Disclosure' of the lineup was announced. The game started with both teams looking like the Festive season had taken its toll, Scott Bond 'Falling Down' more often than not and soon his back pass 'Beyond the Reach' of keeper Bird was a cause for concern for Manager Gregory. However Rapid began to settle and slowly exerted their dominance on the match, first half goals from Jase Curtis, Darren James-Ross and the first of his hat-trick from MOM and luxury player Sam Morton. The second half started with the introduction of Brum and Ant Presley and Rapid found their third gear, more goals followed along with wasted chances, a clear opportunity missed when Presley failed to release Gregory on the edge of the box - pass the ball 'Ant Man!' 'And so it goes' Rapid keeper Bird finally getting on the score sheet to make it 9 in the end. A decent game with no issues and good to be back playing. On a final note both myself and the whole team send our thoughts and best wishes to Marcus Roper and his family for their sad loss just before Christmas. "

Swift FC Report:

" Well that didnt go to plan...some decent football from swift but not enough!"