Match Report
Rapid Viagra v PaS Masters


League Division 1


Rapid Viagra


PaS Masters


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Match Reports

Rapid Viagra Report;

"PAS have declined to play the fixture have put off our fixture organiser for the past few months, thus handing us the points. At least we won't be chasing a handful of 25 year olds around this season. We are still open to playing the fixture up to the closing date for fixtures if PAS can find their bottle."

PaS Masters Report:

" First contact with me was made on the 23rd of April asking to arrange an evening fixture. The fixture was declined by PAS due to the extremely volatile nature of last seasons game and Rapid's current standing in the Corinthian League (rock bottom) being a sign that things haven't improved. Clearly the match review above is just another sad indication of Rapid's failure to grasp the spirit of the Casual League. It's interesting that Rapid choose to leave out the reason the fixture was declined which was made clear to them, then choose to embellish their story by claiming they had been trying to get the fixture scheduled for months, which simply isn't true, frankly I would of told them at any point this season that we have no interest in playing them again. "