Match Report
Westbury Wanderers v PaS Masters


League Division 1


Westbury Wanderers


PaS Masters


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Match Reports

Westbury Wanderers Report;

"A tough battle in which we held our own yet again for the first 70 mins only run out of steam at the end. A familiar story this season. Shouldn't have told PaS Master that Ashley players were looking for a game! Ha ha! A good bunch of lads though, game played in a good spirit."

PaS Masters Report:

" A bitterly cold game played at Hallen in -2 conditions, Pas had 14 players tea time Saturday, which dropped down to 10 by the time we got to Hallen. Fair play to Westbury as when I mentioned we only had 10 players to them, they said they had 12 or alternatively we could speak to Ashley in the changing room next door who had had their tie cancelled last minute. 3 players from Ashley elected to stay and play for Pas, which helped to keep the game competitive. First half we pinned Westbury back and hit the bar 3-4 times with shots and free kicks from outside the area but didn’t manage to hit the back of the net, Westbury did score on the counter but were unlucky to have the goal ruled offside. 2nd half was a little more even possession wise, however about half way through the half, Mills Pas MOTM picked up on a great pass from midfield from Ashley’s, loan player Marcus, went past a defender and slotted the ball into the corner of the net. Westbury were then forced to push forward which they did with great effect so Pas changed formation moving Dan Sims in as an additional CB, which kept Westbury at bay. Marcus then pick up the ball just inside the Westbury area and scored into Westbury’s top right corner, a cracking unstoppable goal. Then with pretty much the last kick of the game Tommi scored a tap in on his debut to close the game out 3-0. The teams were fairly equal throughout the game and 3-0 is a little harsh on them, but the last minutes seems to do the damage from 1-0 to 3-0. Westbury are a good bunch and the game was played in great spirit with no hassle at all, we will look forward to playing them again. "