Match Report
Unathletico Vets v Easton Cowboys


League Division 2


Unathletico Vets


Easton Cowboys


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Easton Cowboys Report:

" Nic from Athletico has kindly offered the following match report (for both teams) With Tommo away, UFC reverted to management by committee, with Mike and Gareth picking the team and formation (controversially 4-4-2 - ssshhh don't tell Tommo) and Boff deciding that UFC should shoot downhill with the wind in the first half if we won the toss (which we did). The first 25 minutes were fairly tight with goalmouth action at a premium. The Cowboys were having the better of the possession and had a few shots from range, although Steve did escape at one point, but was smothered by an advancing keeper and numerous defenders. Probably the best chance was a low shot by Kev M which Nic (weird but unavoidable having to refer to myself in the third person - don't judge me) deflected and Ang clawed away spectacularly. Shortly after, the Cowboys took the lead with what would ultimately become the key difference between the sides (scoring from corners). A corner was swung in from the right, UFC failed to clear and the ball fell to Steve who lashed the ball just inside the post from 10 yards. It wasn't long before the Cowboys won a corner from the other side and James timed his run to perfection to bullet home a header. The end of the half saw both keepers distinguishing themselves. A Cowboys shot from a narrow angle was parried by Mike into the path of Gareth's son (who I expect has a name but I don't know it I'm afraid). He looked to sweep the ball home and Mike somehow got his arm to the ball and parried it just over the crossbar. That would have been all but game over and it was very nearly game on when a looped ball from Steve found Nic (apologies again) in space at the edge of the area. A left footed effort looked goalbound, but the advancing Ang saved brilliantly with his chest; the rebound falling to Ed at the edge of the area who could only find the side-netting. A well-contested half and probably a fair enough scoreline on the balance of play. Incident of note being the slightly bizarre spectacle of the two most placid men on the pitch (Ollie and Steve) squaring up. I can only assume that they're enemies off the pitch. Other incident of note being the not at all unusual sight of Boff leaving the pitch due to injury. He truly is the most fragile man in world football. Facing a 2-0 deficit, the slope and the wind, things looked bleak for UFC at the start of the second half, but they acquitted themselves well and kept the match competitive. The play was frequently scrappy with Tim spectacularly defying the laws of physics by sending the ball hard and low out of play for throw-in at about 90 degrees from the direction in which he appeared to be aiming. He styled out the aftermath well, largely by then abusing Rowan for a series of through balls that didn't find the intended target. As, if not more, impressive was Ed's slick move, when he (literally) picked up the ball and broke away. Whilst the Cowboys defence (understandably) appealed for handball, Ed took aim, wound up his shot and...well I was calling for the ball, realised that he was going to shoot and so faced forward again hoping that Ang might parry the resulting shot. I then realised that the ball hadn't yet appeared in my line of vision in spite of the fact that Ed was shaping to shoot as I turned away. I turned round to see Ed face down in the mud and the ball trickling towards the corner flag, which it struck and stopped. I'm guessing that it was a shot rather than a pass. UFC were probably a bit unlucky not to have a penalty in a rare attacking foray when the ball struck Jody's hand in the area from close range. Ball to hand perhaps, but certainly wouldn't have been an overly harsh call if it had have been given. With 20 minutes to go, the Cowboys looked to have ended the game as a contest as a low corner was steered in deftly at the near post by James. Ollie nonchalantly found Ian shortly after, who rounded Mike, who was rather caught out by his centre-back passing the ball to the opposition centre-forward, but Kev saved Ollie's blushes on the line. Another good chance went begging for the Cowboys as some neat interplay saw Russ through on goal, only to blaze over. On good authority from a source who shall remain nameless, Russ has now played up front for 18 years without scoring and has missed in the region of one million chances, all of which he has created himself. The departure of a crocked Steve for UFC (Cowboys Steve was crocked from the first half) saw them down to 10 men and seemingly without hope, but they finished strongly, reducing the deficit with Bob volleying home Nic's cross from close range and then firing over from similar range shortly afterwards. Overall a two goal margin was probably a reasonable reflection of the game, albeit the fact that it was 3-1 was a testament to the excellence of both keepers in keeping the match to an actual proper football score. Line-ups: UFC - Mike, Andy, Kev M, Ollie, Boff, Steve, Justin, Bob, Kev F, Ed, Nic. Sub - Gareth Cowboys - Ang, Rowan, Jody, Marcus, James, Chris, Ian, Tim, Eddie, Si, Steve. Subs - Gareth, Gareth's son edit- Jo) , Russ "