Match Report
Unathletico Vets v Frampton Ath Vets


League Division 2


Unathletico Vets


Frampton Ath Vets


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Match Reports

Unathletico Vets Report;

"Shellshocked after that one but apart from our second half capitulation for the last 15 minutes it was a close game. Well played Frampton!"

Frampton Ath Vets Report:

" This was a much closer game than the final scoreline suggests! Unathletico took the lead inside the first minute of the game, which set up a tight first half, with the score only 3-2 to Frampton at half time! The start of the second half was much the same and very tight, but once Frampton got their 4th goal, the floodgates opened and they just couldn't stop scoring! Great effort by the Unathletico boys - they certainly didn't deserve to be on the end of that sort of scoreline!"