Match Report
Retainers FC v Golden Hill


League Division 2


Retainers FC


Golden Hill


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Match Reports

Retainers FC Report;

"Totally no point in playing this fixture. The league has been very competitive this year but if winning the league involves playing with players in there 20's who get paid on a Saturday to play then it goes against the spirit of this league and totally undermines it. I don't want this to sound like sour grapes and I know they struggled to get a side but I offered four players if required. I was told the night before they had three 30 year olds that we agreed to. However they weren't 30 and at half time we asked they used their older two subs ( we had none) and take off the youngsters but that didn't happen. When a sub was made it was an oldie for an oldie overall poor form."

Golden Hill Report:

" Unfortunately this game wasn't played in the best of spirits from Retainers. After we tried to rearrange the game due to a number of our players being away for half term it was clear this wasn't an option, which was a shame. Luckily we were able to bring a couple of players in who were slightly younger than the 35yrs but we made sure we made to clear and agreed to beforehand. We did have an offer from Retainers to lend players, however on matchday they only had bare 11 anyway so it was a good thing we brought in our own otherwise the game wouldn't had gone ahead. The animosity started only after we went a few goals up even though the home team had a host of chances, which they didn't take. It was a case of take off your younger players, we had agreed on or it wasn't fair. We did have two guys on the line but one was injured from his Saturday game and the other was to them for turning up and running the line and helping us out to get a good result from a hard fought game."