Lion FC
Division: Davidson 35s Div 4


Lion FC club info

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Division Davidson 35s Div 4
Main Contact Larry Steventon
Tel 01454 610421
Mobile 07838 462812
Contact 2
Colours (H) Black & White Stripes
Colours (A) Black & White Stripes

Stoke Lane Playing Fields

Stoke Lane 

Little Stoke, Bristol

BS34 6HR

Team Background:

Larry Steventon founded Lion Vets in 2014. Larry retired from regular Saturday football in May 2014 after playing for 37 consecutive seasons. Instantly regreting his decision he decided to form a veterans team the very next day! Lion Veterans were born.     Many old war horses have returned to the fray and dusted their boots off to make a return to action. Rich Burge and his brother Lee, Dave Bennett, Russell Lee, Pete Castles, Kris Soni and Nick (Killer) Blackman to name but a few, all enjoying the Bristol Casuals League. The Vets maintain close links with its parent club Lion FC so hopfully as players progress in years there will be a steady flow to ensure the club will be around for a few years to come.





01/09/2019: 10:30am K.O
Almondsbury Ath Vets 2 v 3 Lion FC

06/10/2019: 10:30 K.O
Bathelona 7 v 6 Lion FC

03/11/2019: 10:30am K.O
Lion FC 5 v 2 Shine Sports

17/11/2019: 10:30am K.O
Red Star 19 2 v 5 Lion FC

01/12/2019: 10:30am K.O
Henleaze Corinthians 2 v 2 Lion FC

05/01/2020: 10:30am K.O
Lion FC 3 v 1 Filton High Vets

09/02/2020: 10:30am K.O
Belly N Ribs v Lion FC

22/03/2020: K.O
LA Codgers v Lion FC

29/03/2020: 10:30am K.O
Lion FC v Fishponds Legends

19/04/2020: 10:30am K.O
Lion FC v Bristol Pigeons

17/05/2020: 10:30am K.O
Backwell Ath VFC v Lion FC