Lyde Green Vets
Division: Tilling 35s Div 3


Lyde Green Vets club info

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Division Tilling 35s Div 3
Main Contact Craig Pellowe
Mobile 07889077177
Contact 2 Lee McClean
Mobile 07950894621
Colours (H) SHIRTS: Florescent Green SHORTS: Black SOCKS: Florescent Green
Colours (A)
Ground Lyde Green Pavillion, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7AH

Team Background:

Lyde Green, a new housing estate opposite the popular Emersons Green, appeared in early 2015 bringing with it an opportunity for families to meet new friends and build new acquaintances. With all the ladies using Facebook to arrange various events and meetings, the gents sat back and chilled in the background. That was until the idea to bring the blokes together over the universal idea of football was born and the formation of a footy side became a reality. Lyde Green Vets are made up of Lyde Green old fellas giving us an opportunity to meet new friends and have some socials right on our doorstep. We are brand new so none of us know where this journey will take us, but we're excited and looking forward to the new season



09/09/2018: 10.30am K.O
Frenchay Legends 1 v 2 Lyde Green Vets

07/10/2018: 10.30am K.O
Lyde Green Vets 1 v 2 North Bristol Colts

14/10/2018: 10.30am K.O
Classic X1 1 v 3 Lyde Green Vets

18/11/2018: 10:30am K.O
Wick Gerry Hatricks 3 v 0 Lyde Green Vets

25/11/2018: 10.30am K.O
Fishponds Legends 1 v 2 Lyde Green Vets

02/12/2018: 10.30am K.O
Lyde Green Vets 10 v 1 Rangeworthy FC

13/01/2019: 10.30am K.O
Lyde Green Vets 1 v 1 LA Codgers

24/02/2019: 10.30am K.O
Lyde Green Vets 3 v 0 Axbridge Saxons

07/04/2019: 10.30am K.O
Lyde Green Vets 3 v 0 Real Madras

14/04/2019: K.O
Almondsbury Ath Vets 3 v 4 Lyde Green Vets

28/04/2019: 10.30am K.O
Dynamos v Lyde Green Vets