PaS Masters
Division: Cabot Division 1

Honours: Division 1 Winners ( 2015/16), Division 2 R/Up ( 2011/12),

PaS Masters club info

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Division Cabot Division 1
Main Contact Nicholas DeSwart
Mobile 07967950535
Contact 2 Jason Dickson
Mobile 07825080451
Colours (H) Orange Shirts, Black Shorts and Socks
Colours (A) Blue & White, Blue Shorts & Socks
Ground Hallen FCMoorhouse Lane, Bristol BS10

Team Background:

PAS Masters are a group of friends who have played together under the PAS banner for the last 7-8 years. The success of the team is based on the stability and reliably of the squad, who on their day would give any side a run for their money. We did win the league last season (2016)which was a great achievement given the strength and quality of some of the teams in division 1.



03/09/2017: 10.30am K.O
Real Madras 0 v 3 PaS Masters

17/09/2017: 10.30am K.O
PaS Masters v Cilycoed & Undy Celts

15/10/2017: 10:30am K.O
PaS Masters 4 v 0 Lion FC

29/10/2017: 10.30am K.O
PaS Masters 1 v 2 Nailsea Vets

12/11/2017: 10:30am K.O
Nailsea Vets 5 v 0 PaS Masters

26/11/2017: 10.30am K.O
PaS Masters 1 v 1 LB Vets

17/12/2017: 10.30am K.O
Cardiff Accies v PaS Masters

28/01/2018: K.O
Cribbs Vets v PaS Masters

11/02/2018: 10.30am K.O
Rapid Viagra v PaS Masters

25/02/2018: 10.30am K.O
Westbury Wanderers v PaS Masters

18/03/2018: 10.30am K.O
PaS Masters v Wick Gerry Hatricks