Rapid Viagra
Division: Cabot 35s Div 1

Honours: Division 1 Winners ( 2017/18), Over 35's Lge Cup Winners ( 2016/17), Division 2 Winners ( 2015/16), Division 5 Winners ( 2012/13), Over 35's Lge Cup R/Up ( 2017/18), Division 1 R/Up ( 2016/17), Division 3 R/Up ( 2014/15),

Rapid Viagra club info

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Division Cabot 35s Div 1
Main Contact Stu Latham
Mobile 07500522975
Email Stulatham@hotmail.com
Contact 2 Will Cawte
Mobile 07964406266
Email Wmcawte@hotmail.com
Colours (H) Red and Black (we need to update our photo)
Colours (A)
Ground Marshfield FC, Withymead Road SN14 8PB

Team Background:

Majority of players played for the (now extinct) Totterdown PoB club on the Bristol Portway in the early 2000's, Rapid Viagra being formed as an excuse for a group of lads to get out of the house on a Sunday and play football instead of doing DIY or going shopping with the mrs.



02/09/2018: 10.30am K.O
Bye v Rapid Viagra

23/09/2018: 10.30am K.O
Wick Gerry Hatricks 3 v 1 Rapid Viagra

07/10/2018: 10.30am K.O
Rapid Viagra 6 v 4 Trojan Vets

04/11/2018: 10.30am K.O
Chew Magna Vets 1 v 5 Rapid Viagra

04/11/2018: K.O
Chew Magna Vets 1 v 5 Rapid Viagra

18/11/2018: K.O
Rapid Viagra 4 v 2 Frampton Ath Vets

02/12/2018: 10.30am K.O
Rapid Viagra 8 v 2 Nailsea Vets

13/01/2019: 10.30am K.O
Rapid Viagra v Classic X1

13/01/2019: 10:30am K.O
Wick Gerry Hatricks v Rapid Viagra

24/02/2019: 10.30am K.O
Easton Monday v Rapid Viagra

17/03/2019: 10.30am K.O
Rapid Viagra v LB Vets

07/04/2019: 10.30am K.O
Clevedon Utd Vets v Rapid Viagra

28/04/2019: 10.30am K.O
Rapid Viagra v Cilycoed Undy Celts