Unathletico Vets
Division: Brunel 35s Div 2


Unathletico Vets club info

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Division Brunel 35s Div 2
Main Contact Martin Thomas
Mobile 07747627943
Email unathletico@googlemail.com
Contact 2
Colours (H) Royal Blue and White Stripes, Blue Shorts
Colours (A) Red shirts / Blue shorts
Ground Usually Fry'sFry Club & Conference CentreSomerdale Rd, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 2AU

Team Background:

Kicking around since the 90s, Sundays, Saturdays and back to Sundays with the Bristol Casual/Corinthian League. Unathletico Vets (O35) are a bunch of lads living in the City of Bristol who enjoy playing football.



02/09/2018: 10.30am K.O
Unathletico Vets 0 v 3 Shine Sports

07/10/2018: 10.30am K.O
Unathletico Vets 2 v 11 Frampton Ath Vets

04/11/2018: 10.30am K.O
Ashley Vets 3 v 0 Unathletico Vets

25/11/2018: K.O
Unathletico Vets 1 v 3 Easton Cowboys

13/01/2019: 10.30am K.O
Ultra Casual Cowboys 0 v 4 Unathletico Vets

24/02/2019: 10.30am K.O
Retainers FC 0 v 3 Unathletico Vets

17/03/2019: 10.30am K.O
Unathletico Vets 0 v 3 Cribbs Vets

07/04/2019: 10.30am K.O
Bathelona 1 v 1 Unathletico Vets

25/04/2019: 18:30 K.O
Banjo Munchenbadback 4 v 3 Unathletico Vets

28/04/2019: 10.30am K.O
Unathletico Vets 1 v 1 Red Star Republic

26/05/2019: 10.30 K.O
Unathletico Vets 3 v 0 Hillcrest Doggers