Westland Rovers
Division: Crockford 35s Div 5


Westland Rovers club info

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Division Crockford 35s Div 5
Main Contact Joe O'Rourke
Tel +353-87-2908998
Mobile +353-87-2908998
Email joeorourke2@gmail.com
Contact 2 Adrian 'Stoney' Joyce
Tel +353-86-3844408
Mobile +353-86-3844408
Email Adrian.j.joyce@gmail.com
Colours (H) Racing Green
Colours (A) Flo Yellow or Black

Team Background:


The team was originally formed in 1995 and known as Gingerman FC - so called because of the team's pub base. The name Westland Rovers was chosen in respect of the Westland Row area of Dublin 2 where most of the team either lived, worked or drank! Having competed in the Nightowls league until 2005 the club resurfaced to play in the 2010 Astro summer league but had remained dormant until an appearance in the Gerry McDade Tribute Game in June 2015 prompted Stoney to ask the question "Why don't we go again with Westland Rovers?" So the comeback began with the Dublin Astro League and we now find ourselves in 2019, older but hardly wiser, entering the Bristol Corinthians League following an invitation from the lads at Recliners FC and Red Star Republic. For more information please go to our website: Westland Rovers F.C. We look forward to meeting you all...



01/09/2019: 10:30am K.O
Mathern Casuals 8 v 3 Westland Rovers

19/10/2019: 1:00pm K.O
Avon Retreads 4 v 2 Westland Rovers

20/10/2019: K.O
78cc 9 v 0 Westland Rovers

20/10/2019: 10:30am K.O
Mathern Casuals 8 v 3 Westland Rovers

03/11/2019: 10:30am K.O
Pill Utd 3 v 7 Westland Rovers

17/11/2019: 10:30am K.O
WCMB Avonmouth v Westland Rovers

01/12/2019: 10:30am K.O
Weston Pirates v Westland Rovers

05/01/2020: 10:30am K.O
DAFT v Westland Rovers

08/03/2020: 10:30am K.O
Warmley Rangers v Westland Rovers

21/03/2020: K.O
Westland Rovers v Recliners Youth